SPUG: aliases, -> Korn Shell vs. PD-ksh

Brian Hatch spug at ifokr.org
Thu Jan 23 21:26:39 CST 2003

> > > >     alias cd='\cd "$@" && ls'
> > > 
> > > Goes wonky for me with the public domain ksh that ships with
> > > OpenBSD; appeared to be working for a bit, but fails in unexpected
> > > and strange ways.

Works fine for me with PD KSH 5.2.14 99/07/13.2

> There's no reason to use the crappy PD-ksh that ships with the free
> UNIX-like systems (unless it's improved drastically in the past 18
> months, since I last rejected it).  That's because for years now,
> you've been able to get the real Kornshell for free from the AT&T
> research web site.

What has pdksh not done correctly for you?  I haven't had a
problem with it ever.

Now the question, why don't I use bash since bash does everything
korn shell does and more?  Well, because

	bash does too much
	your linux distro is likely to have lots of
	  customizations for bash which differ from
	  distro to distro
	I want a completely 'pure' environment to start
	  with.  None of this 'alias rm="rm -i"' crap.

That's why I don't use bash.  But having had no problems
with pdksh, I don't see any reason to go out and
compile at&t's version when my distro already comes
with pdksh.

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