SPUG: monitoring a Cold Fusion application for health

Skahan, Vince vince.skahan at Boeing.COM
Thu Nov 14 16:44:49 CST 2002

I have a Cold Fusion web server running on top of Apache (and postgres) that
sometimes gets 'stupid' when it starts, the processes appear running, but
attempts to get files from the web server return a '111 connection refused'
message from Cold Fusion and no user web accesses are successful. The fix is
to simply stop/start Cold Fusion (ugh).

What I'd like to do is write a quickie monitoring routine to run that would
get a known file, verify that it was received fully, and to do the
stop/start of the cold fusion processes if it determines CF is brain-dead.

Any thoughts on what's the easiest way to approach this one ?  This is on
RedHat-7.2 with the latest RedHat-supplied perl 5.6.1 installed.  Also, I'd
'really' like to not have to add any perl modules to vanilla RedHat if at
all possible, as that causes other adventures when we upgrade perl etc.

I'm leaning pretty strongly toward a perl solution, but tcl/expect/python
etc. aren't out of the question if there's something that leaps to mind.

Any input's much appreciated.... 

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