SPUG: A more complicated question

garrett esperum shamonsflame at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 10 13:42:29 CST 2002

Ok, here is a little harder question.

My environment:
solaris 2.6
perl 5.6.1

Descriptions of the files I am working with:
1) a meta-data text file
2) a creation.pl file

The meta-data file contains information about multiple data files. There are 
hundreds of rows with six columns each in the meta-data file. Each file has 
it's own row of meta information. A rows column is as follows:

Column 1 = file name
Column 2 = file type
Column 3 = file location
Column 4 = file owner
Column 5 = file permissions
Column 6 = currently unused optional column

These columns are seperated by a single tab.

Example row:
foo.html html /one/two/three/four haxor 0755

I want to execute the creation.pl file to read the meta-data file and create 
a "mirrored file environment" from the meta-data information. I need help 
with the following tasks:

1) How do I process each column of every row? How do I grab one row, split 
it up at every tab, and copy the correct file into it's correct directory 
with its correct permissions?

2) How do I create variables for each piece of the split row? Like how do I 
create a variable for the directory path column and then go and create that 
directory path from that variable if it doesn't already exist?

You all have been very helpful! Thank You!


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