SPUG: Self-generating code: yea or nay? (was: Dijsktra is Dead)

Marc M. Adkins Marc.M.Adkins at Doorways.org
Mon Aug 12 23:42:49 CDT 2002

> It sounds like all of the examples of "good" uses of self-generating
> code are essentially *compilers* of some sort or other.  Obviously a
> compiler is going to generate code:  that's what a compiler does.
> That one may write a compiler *in* Perl that compiles *to* Perl may
> seem a little twisted and confusing, but really it's no more twisted
> than, say, all those C++ compilers out there which were mostly
> written in C++.

Artificial Intelligence, particularly Expert Systems, was done in Lisp for
ever so long because it was possible to construct data structures that were
then executed.  Rules had to be able to generate more rules for knowledge to
accumulate.  So is the expert system 'compiling' expertise?  Data and logic
get ever so confused on the boundaries of (un)consciousness...


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