SPUG: perl/unix whiz available for work

Dean Hudson dean at ero.com
Sun Jun 10 15:18:38 CDT 2001

Sorry to all if this is an inappropriate post, but...

I'm a Seattle-based perl/unix geek who is currently available for
work. Specialties include (but are not limited to) OO perl,
data-munging, Unix automation, network tools, DBI, Apache, mod_perl,
HTML::Mason, MySQL, and Sybase, Interests include (but are not limited
to) genetic algorithms, AI, distributed computing, linguistics, and
sifting through mountains of text.

Although I prefer short term contracts, part-time work, working
remotely, or work having some combination of the aforementioned
qualities, I'm open to most anything. I even do Python work.

The cliff's note version of my resume is available online at:



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