SPUG: JobS in Kirkland

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Tue Jan 30 18:10:03 CST 2001

Job Description:

Required Skill Set - Perl,mySQL and Linux

Full-time opportunity in Kirkland, WA - Stock options, Full Benefits, 401(K)

Placement through MindSeekers - recruiting firm

W2 candidates only

The position is located in Kirkland - flexible work hours - no telecommuting

B2B - ecommerce company

If you are into PERL, LINUX and general database driven web development you
should check out this position. Our dynamically generated website needs
really cool programmers to continue to solve impossible problems. You must
be familiar with JavaScript and of course HTML. The main qualification here
is the love for linux, mySQL and Perl.

We are very fast paced and most people here are multi-tasking individuals.
We need quality utility players that can fill multiple roles.

Some of the projects that we deal with include, improvements to the shopping
cart, general sys admin, logistics programming, fulfillment programming, XML
transfers from our supplier chain and much more!

We have several positions available of this job type.

Please contact:
Chris Bailey
chrisb at mindseekers.com

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