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Colin Meyer cmeyer at helvella.org
Wed Apr 25 13:01:15 CDT 2001


How goes the DBI programming? [Gareth attended my recent Database programming
with Perl class taught to a group of Boeing programmers]

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 09:47:20AM -0700, Gareth Beale wrote:
> Anyone out there used Zipcon? 
> I am leaving wolfenet as they have announced they will be discontinuing
> shell access next month. I checked around and of the local providers Zipcon 
> looks OK. Of particular interest, they allow you to run cgi scripts (they 
> are only at Perl 5.005_3 though), and you get 20MB disk space. You get shell
> access, and they appear to be running Redhat Linux.
> Price is about $20/month.

I have used Zipcon as my primary ISP for about six years.  I am very happy
with the service that I have received.  Dan Pewzner is the main man behind
the operation, and he has some excellent policy practices that I just
haven't seen at other ISPs.  For example, he keeps the customers/phonelines
ratio small and will actually not take new customers while waiting for 
the phone company to fill orders for more lines.  Another example is that
he hasn't balked about upgrading Perl at my request, and has installed every
Perl module that I've asked him to. (btw, I am still running 5.00503 for 
production programs and 5.6.1 for devel and personal stuff. 5.6.1 seems to
be fairly stable, so far.)

I give zipcon.net a strong recommendation.


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