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Alex Kotov alex at linuxconsulting.org
Fri Apr 6 14:53:23 CDT 2001

>>>      I am writing a cgi script that is using oraperl to query the
>>>  database and post the results.  My queries are somewhat on the hefty
>>>  and my browser keeps timing out.  Is there any way that I can keep
>>this from
>>>  happening?  thanks....

Depending on your situation, there may be other acceptable solutions.

1. Try to reduce the time that the queries take. Talk to a DBA. With
some careful planning and indexing, we were able to reduce running
time for some of our queries by an order of magnitude. Oracle can do
amazing things if you tweak it just right.

2. If the queries need to run that long, maybe the browser is not a
good interface for them. You can make them run via cron, or send
the results to the users by email. You can also want to cache the
results and show "your last 20 queries" page to the users.

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