SPUG: Windows Newbie Needs Help

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Wed Sep 27 13:32:22 CDT 2000

Hello SPUG,
my name is Bogdan Vladu and I am currently trying to educate myself in Perl. 
I am using "Perl for Dummies 2nd edition" by Paul Hoffman.
Although the book makes sense (so far ...) I am unable to put in practice 
what I am reading (learning ?!).
I am a totally neophite to the programming field and my only experience with 
programming was in college, struggling to write and understand "Fortran".
Anyway, I installed Perl version 5.005 on Windows '95 but have no clue how 
to proceed to run loaded programs (from the accompanying CD-Rom) or basic 
commands such as "print".
For example, while typing (this is the actual line on the ms-dos prompt)
the reply appears.

C:\Perl>perl print "This is a string!" ;
Can't open perl script "print": No such file or directory

I am aware that I might be stupid but I know that I installed the CD-Rom 
correctly and it seems that numerous files and short programs have been 
installed on the hard drive.

If you guys have can help me with this matter or at least with suggestions 
for a better book that will help me learn Pearl  I'm all ears.

Thank you !

Bogdan Vladu
bvladu at hotmail.com

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