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Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Wed Sep 27 13:31:24 CDT 2000


Position:  Contract Perl Programmer

Spinwire, a Seattle-based multimedia development company is seeking an
experienced Perl Programmer to assist with the alpha version of a financial
information website (working under the client's NDA).  The website is
database-driven, using CGI/LWP to retrieve and format data from various
sources. The database is MySQL, running on Linux/Apache. ePerl is also part
of the spec and can be used where appropriate. Significant experience with
all the technologies involved plus an ability to turn code around quickly
and accurately is essential.  Project should run 4-6 weeks at most.

No recruiters are involved. Contract programmer will need 1099 status -- as
a corporation or individual/sole proprietorship. Negotiable hourly rate.
Initial meetings will be necessary at Spinwire's office (4th & Pike,
downtown Seattle), but subsequent work location is up to the programmer.

Since 1991, Spinwire (formerly known as Artbox Inc.) has been assisting
businesses with the strategic planning, design and development of effective
and innovative multimedia projects. Our development team has a deep
understanding of new media technology, as well as a fun, creative

Please send responses and inquiries to Jennifer Dixey (Principal, Tech
Director) at: jd at spinwire.com

Susan Gleason

Spinwire                                        w - http://www.spinwire.com
Multimedia Development                          e - sg at spinwire.com
1425 4th Avenue, Suite 914                      p - 206.343.1426
Seattle, WA 98101                               f - 206.343.1427

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