SPUG: Discount Convention Pricing for SPUGsters

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Fri Jun 30 18:27:33 CDT 2000

This note forwarded by Head Perl Monger "brian d foy" indicates 
that we SPUGsters, in our guise as Seattle.pm, still qualify for
the discount pricing for the July OpenSource Conference in Monterey.
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here are some rumors to pass along :)

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From: Denise Olliffe <deniseo at oreilly.com>
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Subject: O'Reilly News Articles

Advanced releases of the following O'Reilly titles will be made
available at the Convention:

- Building Linux Clusters 
- Programmin Perl, 3rd Edition (a.k.a. The Camel Book)
- Perl for System Administration

Please don't forget to remind your members about the O'Reilly Open
Source Convention-July 17 - 20, in scenic Monterey, CA.  O'Reilly is
offering to extend the Early Bird pricing on Conference Sessions and
Tutorials to our UG members by using the special promo code: 1010 when
they register.

Please let your members know to stop by and say hello if they attend
the convention. I will be working at the O'Reilly User Group Program
table located next to the bookstore.

For more interesting articles, check out: www.oreilly.com under the
news column.

Denise :)

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