SPUG: Consultant needed for a sometime-spugite :)

Sean Owens sean.owens at neoinformatics.com
Tue Jun 27 18:18:01 CDT 2000

Hi Spugsters!

My name is Sean Owens, and I'm a Project Lead at NeoInformatics (a Perl/DB
creation startup downtown).  You may have heard of us as part sponsors for
the Damian Conway visit! (If not, check out the SPUG site and you'll see us,
I checked!)

Anyway, I'm working on a improving our development cycle, we realize we
could use someone with "expert" skills in database product development (we
do use Perl, and Tim suggested one of you might fit the bill, and be
interested).  Someone who can look around and say "you can do this better,
like this: ___."  Specifically we're looking for the following:

** A 1-ish week consultancy, starting asap.  Whatever is enough time to take
a look around & prepare a recommendation.

** Skills we're looking for: Perl, as well as other languages; Oracle DB
experience, but again other DB's would be good as well.  Generally,
knowledge & experience in internet database design, development and
programming. Some Project Mgmt or Functional Mgmt experience would be

** Pay: I'm not the bank, but I do know it'll depend on experience. If
you're interested we can discuss.

** Objective of the consultant: We're looking for someone to come in for a
few days to a week, get in the trenches as best they can, and get to know
our development process.  Basically we understand that our development
process has a lot of problems, and we're working to fix things, but we also
feel that an outside expert would be valuable, to avoid the "forest for the
trees" problems that can arise when you're too close to the issues.
Currently we use Perl, SQL and Oracle to create complex databases with an
application (for web use) front end (we can give more description to
interested folks and have them talk to our VP of development), but we are
also open to other programming languages or even DB products.  So we're
looking for recommendations to best and most efficiently serve our

Please drop me an email or give me a call if you are interested.  Thanks
very much!

Sean Owens      |     Project Lead
N  E  O  I  N  F  O  R  M  A  T  I  C  S
seano at neoinformatics.com

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