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Hi Tim,

I didn't try Southampton University, you were going to do that one. It took
me several attempts to get in contact with Portsmouth University because the
IT people wouldn't return my calls or answer my emails. I eventually
succeeded when I went in via the careers department and they got Dr Scott to
contact me.

The proposal has always been to go there in the autumn. That's what Dr Scott
suggested and that's what I put in the post. What we need to do now is to
decide whether we really want to do something and what it should be.

Dr Scott's email offers says they would like to hear about "any gaps in our
curriculum" and offers the opportunity to "present to one of our staff
meetings to set out your concerns". I don't have the skills to do that. I
can't start telling a university where they are going wrong. I'd look a

That's why I suggested doing something more informal. Just get somebody to
stump up some sponsorship for beer and sandwiches and go in and meet some of
the students. Find out the lie of the land, perhaps not even do a
presentation the first time. Just take in a couple of laptops in case
somebody wants to demonstrate something.

I don't think supporting any students will be a problem. That can be done
over the internet.

The objective will be to drum up interest in Perl or to establish that it
can't be done.

I would like to telephone Dr Scott in the next few weeks with some feedback.
I can't do that at the moment because I don't know who I represent. I told
him I represented a group of a dozen Perl professionals called Southampton
PM. That might not be true, perhaps I just represent myself.

All the best.


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I think if we are going to have a meeting at a university, we need to be
clear as to the reasons, and what we are looking to achieve.

I do like the argument around drumming up more graduate applicants for Perl
jobs, but I don't think any students are likely to commute to our meetings
from Portsmouth once a month, so I think it will be hard for us to offer
support to any interested students.  If it were Southampton University, it
might be different, but I know you had trouble getting in touch with anyone

As I recall, student societies tend to go quiet in the summer ('cos it's
either exam time or holidays).  September/October might be the best time to
go into a university, when all the gullible freshers are still keen.  But we
would need to make the student contacts ahead of time to get this organized.

On 3 June 2013 21:53, GARLAND DUNCAN <duncan.garland at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> I'll be there.
> Before the last one I posted some stuff in our Google Community about 
> going into Portsmouth University to talk to their computer club. Nobody
> Shall I forget about it?
> On 3 June 2013 15:44, Lance Wicks <lw at judocoach.com> wrote:
>> Hopefully I'll be there this time. :-)
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>> Hi all,
>> It's that time again! We'll be meeting at the Platform Tavern on 
>> Wednesday for more discussion of Perl
>> Lately I've been working on looking after my super-cute daughter. :) 
>> But I also went to OpenTech in London, and saw some quite interesting
>> Hope to see you all there!
>> --
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