[Santa-rosa-pm] Hi

Scott Doty scott at ponzo.net
Fri Oct 23 09:01:08 PDT 2009


Perl has always been my favorite language -- and now, perl6 has ignited
my coding sensibilities.

I'm using the rakudo in Fedora's distro to play around with perl6.  Even
wrote a program to get my feet wet, using gather/take -- very spiffy.

I'm hoping that soon we will be able to run "perl6 --target=pbc", and
have it generate pbc for parrot.

Alas, though, I may need to use perl5 for my latest programming idea: 
my own markov-chaining irc bot, using redis as the database backend.



...and as crazy as this question may sound:  Is anyone using perl6 in
production?  If so, how do you feel about it?

Also, I really think the world of perl is about to become much more
exciting! :)

Thanks, and Happy Friday. :)


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