Perl class at the JC

Gene Boggs gene at
Mon Jan 5 16:21:17 CST 2004

> CIS 54.31  Perl & CGI
> 6675    T        6:00pm- 8:00pm         KIRKPATRICK
> Description:    An introduction to PERL (program extraction report 
> language) which is used to create common gateway interface (CGI) scripts 
> for use in Internet web sites. Emphasis will be placed on theory as it 
> relates to practice. Students will create original Perl scripts from the 
> Internet which they will revise. Lab emphasis will be placed on 
> incorporating the Perl scripts into an existing web site.  (Credit course 
> for grade or CR/NC)

A couple problems here:

1) PERL is not written in ALL CAPS because..

2) is not an acronym and hasn't been quite a few years now.

3) Also that is the wrong acronym anyway.  It's actually "Practical
extraction and reporting language".

This makes me wonder about the quality of such a course when the
description is not even close with respect to such simple little 

-Gene Boggs
Software engineer and pedantic Bastard

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