Perl class at the JC

Kevin Bingham kevin at
Mon Jan 5 16:11:47 CST 2004

Hola Fellow Perl Mongers!

Sean Kirkpatrick asked me to announce his Perl course for this spring at 
the . So here it is. Tell your friends, or attend yourself!

Sure it's a scheduling conflict with our meetings. But IMHO with Sean's 
enjoyable teaching style, it would be well worth going to.

Your Perl-ish Host


CIS 54.31
Perl & CGI
(Formerly CIS 84.23)

6675    T        6:00pm- 8:00pm         KIRKPATRICK

Description:    An introduction to PERL (program extraction report 
language) which is used to create common gateway interface (CGI) scripts 
for use in Internet web sites. Emphasis will be placed on theory as it 
relates to practice. Students will create original Perl scripts from the 
Internet which they will revise. Lab emphasis will be placed on 
incorporating the Perl scripts into an existing web site.  (Credit course 
for grade or CR/NC)

Prerequisite:   Completion of CIS 10A (or CIS 10 or BDP 10), and completion 
of CIS 58.51B (or CIS 84.42B).

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>From: Sean Kirkpatrick <seank at>
>To: Kevin Bingham <kevin at>
>Subject: Perl class at the JC
>Hi Kevin.
>I wonder if you'd send a mailing to the PM list announcing the Perl course 
>this semester at the JC. The course is taught on Tuesday nights (there 
>goes my participation in PM this semester! :) from 18.00 to 20.00 at the 
>SR campus. Details can be found at, follow the links to the 
>    Sean

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