running out of memory in the Perl interpreter

Eric Eisenhart eric at
Thu Dec 28 19:40:22 CST 2000

On Thu, Dec 28, 2000 at 05:30:15PM -0800, paul palmer wrote:
> Folks:
>    Can anyone offer me an explanation of what is probably just a small
> point?
>    I had this coding:
>          if (!&parse_template($CONFIG{"success_html_template"}, *STDOUT)) {
>          &error("Can't open $CONFIG{"success_html_template"} ($!).");
>          }
> (the double quotes were left over from an earlier debugging session).
> when I ran it, the interpreter gave me an Out of memory! error message. I
> wasted lots of time dealing with what seemed like a really serious error.
> When I changed the quotes in the subroutine call to single ones, it ran
> normally, so:
>          if (!&parse_template($CONFIG{'success_html_template'}, *STDOUT)) {
>          &error("Can't open $CONFIG{'success_html_template'} ($!).");
>          }
>  I don't see why that is so important. What's so terrible about nesting
> double quotes?  Especially, why Out of memory!  ?

Well, that shouldn't make any meaningful difference.  (though, I'd expect
Perl to be very slightly slower and use very slightly more memory with
double quotes)  It's probably a bug.

What does "perl -V" say?  (please include the entire output of perl -V)

I'd mostly be curious what parse_template is doing.
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