FW: Will you help please?

Jay Di Silvestri jay at adei.com
Sun Apr 2 23:31:53 CDT 2000

Below is a job posting from a recruiter that I thought that I would pass
along.  It entails moving to L.A., (I'd rather die), but at least the job,
if legit, sounds kind of fun.

Jay Di Silvestri
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Advanced Data Engineering
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jay at adei.com

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Subject: Will you help please?

Dear Jay:

    Eric Calder referred me to PERL Mongers as a possible resource to find 
programmers.  I'm a recruiter, in the Burbank area, who finds staffing for 
the entertainment industry. We do not do advertising for candidates and 
subscribe to the philosophy that referrals are a more reliable resource to 
find qualified dependable applicants.  With this in mind I implore you to 
consider referring a programmer or two.
    One of my clients, a film trailer company, is seeking a PERL programmer 
to set up the foundation for a portal.  It is a fun creative environment, 
though I'm discovering that's not a main selling point to programmers.  The 
pay rate cleared is $60-$75 hourly or approximately low $100k for a full
gig with full benefit package.  Position is in the Culver City area.
    Another client, in Woodland Hills, has the portal set up, requires a
programmer on site to handle to growth and changes necessary. Depending on 
expertise this position will pay a salary range of $65K - $110K. 

Do you know of anyone who might be interested in either of these positions?
appreciate any help you may be able to provide in pointing me in the right 
direction for finding candidates if you don't know of any seeking
 In the meantime, be well and be blessed.  Therese J. Caputo   

tjcaplus at aol.com 
A+ The Employment Company
Burbank, CA 91505

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