Hello perl mongers

Eric Eisenhart eric at eisenhart.com
Mon Mar 1 02:58:18 CST 1999

On Sun, Feb 28, 1999 at 10:07:10PM -0800, Jay Di Silvestri wrote:
> Since our initial posting on perl.org  attracted about ten subscribers .
> . .I  was thinking that we could get together soon. (we can keep this
> all virtual if that's what people prefer) .  Is anyone going to the
> LinuxWorld this week in San Jose?   Also, I noticed that the North Bay
> Linux users group (www.nblug.org) meets monthly at O'reilly in
> Sebastopol.  The next meeting is on March 9th.  I'll be there, both
> because I want to check it out and I want to get the word out about this
> group.  Hopefully, we can have a couple of members there. . .

I think it's a good idea to get anybody that's interested in helping out
with a Perl Users Group together to talk about the whole idea.  Some initial
Emails to get us all on the same page seem like a good idea too, though. 
I'm interested in helping out with this group however I can.  In fact, Jay
simply beat me to it; I'd already been sorta working up to it, but was a bit
too busy with NBLUG and put it off.

I'm going to be at LinuxWorld on Wednesday, and at the SVLUG meeting that
follows.  (It's a panel discussion on how to run an effective Linux Users

I'm one of the organizers (vice-president?) of NBLUG.

I'm sure that if you want a minute or two at the beginning of the NBLUG
meeting to mention that you're starting a Perl Users Group that can be
arranged.  Just ask people to come up and talk to you after the meeting;
there's typically about half an hour after the meeting "proper" to hang out
and talk to people, etc.

> Any ideas on where to go with this group?  I link the idea of a mailing
> list.  I think that people should feel free to use this as a help line
> if they are comfortable. It seems like a web site would be a good idea,
> perhaps some advocacy work with local businesses/schools too.  What do
> people think?

A web site that contains at least the basic information on the group would
be essential.

I'm hoping to pick up some useful information on how to run a LUG at the
SVLUG meeting, and I suspect a lot of that would translate from Linux to
Perl easily.

Also, I went to one of the SanFrancisco.pm (SFPUG?) meetings and talked
briefly with one of the people that helps run it, and they've got a definite
interest in helping out other Perl groups relatively near their own.  It'd
probably be worth it to get some people from Sonoma.pm down to one of their
monthly meetings, or at least the organizing meeting they usually have a
week or so later.

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