[sf-perl] The SF Perl Raku Study Group, 01/16 at 1pm PDT

Joseph Brenner doomvox at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 15:23:08 PST 2022

Gary Snyder, "A Space in Place" (1996), "Language Goes Two Ways":

  " 'Wild' alludes to a process of self-organization
  that generates systems and organisms ...  Wildness can
  be said to be the essential nature of nature.  As
  reflected in consciousness, it can be seen as a kind
  of open awareness-- full of imagination but also the
  source of alert survival intelligence.  The workings
  of the human mind at its very richest reflect this
  self-organizing wildness. "

The Raku Study Group

January 16, 2022  1pm in California, 9pm in the UK

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Passcode: 4RakuRoll

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