[sf-perl] Hello! :)

Brad Lhotsky brad.lhotsky at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 22:25:51 PDT 2016

Hey folks,

I'm a newish member to the group and new to the mailing list.  I work at
Craigslist and prior to that, Booking.com.  I have done a few talks in the
past on a number of subjects, but with most of them centered around my
experiences hacking in Perl. I'd be happy to update any of them and give
them for the group.

Here's my speakerdeck page: https://speakerdeck.com/reyjrar/

Most of those are technical talks on one or more of: Perl, Elasticsearch,
Graphite, PostgreSQL, Security, and Regular Expressions.

I've been kicking around a talk titled something like "Computer Security
and Privacy for Programmers" that's a security awareness talk designed to
be interesting and engaging for people with a background in programming.
Basically, how to not get owned while you navigate the tubes of the
interwebs like a pro.

I also have a few interesting personal projects I hack on in my spare time
I could introduce/explain:

     Elasticsearch Maintenance, Monitoring, and Data Exploration CLIs in

     Passive DNS Monitoring and Active DNS tomfoolery for the lazy in Perl
/ PostgreSQL

Let me know if any of that sounds good,

Brad Lhotsky
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