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Lyra Silvertongue lyraslvrtnge at gmail.com
Sat Feb 14 13:52:51 PST 2015

Hey guys, im just looking for a little advice.  I recently did a very short
contract for a company with a really unsavory character as its C.O. .  Not
only was he really unprofessional in his behavior but after the contract
was ended and I asked about my last invoice I got complete silence.  I have
sent a few emails including one with the invoice and have gotten nothing
back.  Im unsure how to proceed if he wont pay me.  I feel like I cant  put
the word out either as it would only reflect poorly on me as he is well
known in the perl world.  But because of his behavior I worry that I cant
have been the only one this has happened to.  Any advice?
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