[sf-perl] Do you have a tidy style? Emacs/cperl and perltidy.

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Tue Jan 22 15:33:13 PST 2013

George Hartzell writes:
 > [...]
 > Does anyone in monger-land have any perltidy.rc files and/or cperl
 > configs that they'd like to share?  Paired would be great, but
 > interesting/practical examples of one or the other would be good
 > reading too.

ps.  I'm not particularly itching to get into an argument, or even a
discussion, about The Right Way To Do It.  I've been down that road
plenty of times.

I move that we don't dogpile on anyone's favorite layout....

Broadening my mind about how other folks do it seems worthwhile
though, and any headstarts on getting the pair to line up will keep me

Thanks again,


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