[sf-perl] [meeting] 'CPAN In The Sky With Diamonds' tomorrow evening

Fred Moyer fred at redhotpenguin.com
Wed Oct 31 23:52:15 PDT 2012

For those of you who couldn't attend check out this Twitter based
meeting summary, in addition to Jeff's demo. Click on the picture on
the tweet to see the large version - pretty cool!


On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 11:32 PM, Jeffrey Thalhammer
<jeff at imaginative-software.com> wrote:
> Hey everyone-
> I'm really bummed that you all couldn't participate in the "live demo" last night.  Stratopan is now running on a dedicated server with a bit more horsepower.  I think it blew up because I had tried optimizing some queries to impress you all.  But instead of making them faster, I made them slower -- A LOT slower.  Serves me right for messing around at the last minute :-b
> Anyway, it is working much better now.  Feel free to go poke around.  And remember, this is just a prototype -- it is not secure nor reliable.  But I think it demonstrates the concept pretty well.  If you like what you see, let me know.  I'm eager to figure out if there is a viable market for this kind of service.
> http://alpha.stratopan.com
> By the way, what is your favorite tool for load & performance testing a web app?
> -Jeff
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