[sf-perl] [meeting] 'CPAN In The Sky With Diamonds' tomorrow evening

Jeffrey Thalhammer jeff at imaginative-software.com
Wed Oct 31 23:32:36 PDT 2012

Hey everyone-

I'm really bummed that you all couldn't participate in the "live demo" last night.  Stratopan is now running on a dedicated server with a bit more horsepower.  I think it blew up because I had tried optimizing some queries to impress you all.  But instead of making them faster, I made them slower -- A LOT slower.  Serves me right for messing around at the last minute :-b

Anyway, it is working much better now.  Feel free to go poke around.  And remember, this is just a prototype -- it is not secure nor reliable.  But I think it demonstrates the concept pretty well.  If you like what you see, let me know.  I'm eager to figure out if there is a viable market for this kind of service.


By the way, what is your favorite tool for load & performance testing a web app?


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