[sf-perl] Looking For Software Asset Management Tool Recommendations

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Yes, Maven for example: http://maven.apache.org/index.html

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>> The fundamental question they want answered is:>> When a new version of a project is released, whom do I need to notify?
>The ASF has developed a fairly robust structure and set of processes
>for software development that may be worth examining to see if your
>organization is facing similar problems. JIRA is used for issue
>tracking on some projects, but like any piece of software there it has
>shortcomings, breaks as much as any other software does, and gets
>disparaged by the users on a daily basis.
>I'd suggest reading through the Apache website, if nothing else than
>to see how the organizational structure has evolved to manage several
>hundred projects which power a good chunk of the web -
>2012/2/10 Jeffrey Thalhammer <jeff at imaginative-software.com>:
>> Hi everyone-
>> My client is trying to get a grip on their software.  It is a mid-sized
>> organization and they have over 100 different home-grown software "projects"
>> that all live in one Subversion repository.   There are various
>> interdependencies among the projects.  For example project A may depend on a
>> database provided by project B.  Or project C may depend on a web service
>> provided by project D.  The fundamental question they want answered is:
>> When a new version of a project is released, whom do I need to notify?
>> So basically they need to track project owners and dependencies between
>> projects.  They have started building a home-grown solution to do this, but
>> it is quickly spiraling out of control.  I figure every large enterprise has
>> this exact same problem, so there has to be some off-the-shelf solutions out
>> there.  I believe the general term for this (and related things) is Software
>> Asset Management.  So my questions for all of you are:
>> Have you solved this kind of problem in your organization? How did you solve
>> it?  Did you use an off-the-shelf solution (either in part or in full)?  If
>> so, which one and would you recommend it?
>> -Jeff
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