[sf-perl] Looking For Software Asset Management Tool Recommendations

Fred Moyer fred at redhotpenguin.com
Fri Feb 10 13:22:10 PST 2012

> The fundamental question they want answered is:>> When a new version of a project is released, whom do I need to notify?
The ASF has developed a fairly robust structure and set of processes
for software development that may be worth examining to see if your
organization is facing similar problems. JIRA is used for issue
tracking on some projects, but like any piece of software there it has
shortcomings, breaks as much as any other software does, and gets
disparaged by the users on a daily basis.

I'd suggest reading through the Apache website, if nothing else than
to see how the organizational structure has evolved to manage several
hundred projects which power a good chunk of the web -

2012/2/10 Jeffrey Thalhammer <jeff at imaginative-software.com>:
> Hi everyone-
> My client is trying to get a grip on their software.  It is a mid-sized
> organization and they have over 100 different home-grown software "projects"
> that all live in one Subversion repository.   There are various
> interdependencies among the projects.  For example project A may depend on a
> database provided by project B.  Or project C may depend on a web service
> provided by project D.  The fundamental question they want answered is:
> When a new version of a project is released, whom do I need to notify?
> So basically they need to track project owners and dependencies between
> projects.  They have started building a home-grown solution to do this, but
> it is quickly spiraling out of control.  I figure every large enterprise has
> this exact same problem, so there has to be some off-the-shelf solutions out
> there.  I believe the general term for this (and related things) is Software
> Asset Management.  So my questions for all of you are:
> Have you solved this kind of problem in your organization? How did you solve
> it?  Did you use an off-the-shelf solution (either in part or in full)?  If
> so, which one and would you recommend it?
> -Jeff
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