[sf-perl] Looking For Software Asset Management Tool Recommendations

Jeffrey Thalhammer jeff at imaginative-software.com
Fri Feb 10 13:04:24 PST 2012

On Feb 10, 2012, at 12:44 PM, Quinn Weaver wrote:

> If you have to homebrew, are you thinking of using your distro's packaging system? Some packaging systems will allow you to write post-install hooks[1]. You could write one that mails a list of stakeholders whenever a new version of a package is installed (in, say, QA), it mails a list of stakeholders. That might or might not work, depending on your client's procedures around installing things in different environments.

Unfortunately, the software is not deployed with any packaging system.  Individual teams just throw files into production at will.  Sigh.

> If you need to get fancy (and it sounds like you might), you could store each package's list of stakeholders in a database and write a web UI for it, rather than hard-coding it into the RPM.

That is basically what they have started to build.  Each project in Subversion has a magical XML file that declares who owns it and what it depends on.  Then they've build a system that periodically collects this data into a DB and a web UI for browsing it.  From what I've seen, the system generally works but few projects participate (however, that is a management problem).

For reasons unclear to me, folks are re-examining the requirements and implementation. But the discussions are often unproductive.  I'd like to propose that they just buy something and be done with it.  So my task is to go find that something.


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