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On Feb 10, 2012, at 12:04 PM, Jeffrey Thalhammer wrote:

> Hi everyone-
> My client is trying to get a grip on their software.  It is a mid-sized organization and they have over 100 different home-grown software "projects" that all live in one Subversion repository.   There are various interdependencies among the projects.  For example project A may depend on a database provided by project B.  Or project C may depend on a web service provided by project D.  The fundamental question they want answered is:
> When a new version of a project is released, whom do I need to notify?
> So basically they need to track project owners and dependencies between projects.

I don't know a complete solution to the problem you pose, but I do know a hack that might help.

If you have to homebrew, are you thinking of using your distro's packaging system? Some packaging systems will allow you to write post-install hooks[1]. You could write one that mails a list of stakeholders whenever a new version of a package is installed (in, say, QA), it mails a list of stakeholders. That might or might not work, depending on your client's procedures around installing things in different environments.

If you need to get fancy (and it sounds like you might), you could store each package's list of stakeholders in a database and write a web UI for it, rather than hard-coding it into the RPM.

Would that work, or is that a mismatch for your client's way of doing things?

Hope this helps,

[1] In the RPM world, this is the %post hook. There are other hooks as well; see this article ( http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/l-rpm2/ ), plus the latest official docs for writing RPMs.

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