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I subscribed last week to the Perl Weekly e-mail newsletter and find  
it quote informative. Sharing it in case you do not yet know of Gabor  
Szabo's newsletter.


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> From: Gabor Szabo <gabor at szabgab.com>
> Date: September 11, 2011 11:24:20 PM PDT
> To: perlweekly at perlweekly.com
> Subject: [Perlweekly] The current Perl Weekly News - Issue #7
> Perl Weekly
> Issue #7 - September 12, 2011
> You can read the newsletter on the web, if you prefer.
> Hi there,
> It seems the pas week brought us less articles but nevertheless I  
> found a few interesting ones.
> The Perl Weekly was mentioned in the DevOps Weekly that brought us a  
> few more subscribers.
> I also found out that the subscribe button of the Perl Weekly was  
> partially broken due to the same-origin policy enforced in some  
> browsers more than in others. I fixed this now. I hope.
> Not to the posts:
> Articles
> DotCloud::Environment
> Flavio Poletti introduces his 'yet to be fully released' module to  
> make it easy to handle the environment in DotCloud
> Testing with sqlite
> Anthony Pallatto (actualeyes) suggests to use SQLite in your testing  
> environment instead of the database used in production. Using SQLite  
> certainly has some advantages but there is the great danger of  
> anything in production being different from the testing environment.  
> SQLite can be good to reduce the complexity to setup development and  
> testing environments but just as you do full test cycles every now  
> and then (preferably frequently) so should you use a system as close  
> to the deployment environment as possible.
> Perl says 'Hello I-Programmer'
> This is the first article I wrote to the I-Programmer.info web site.  
> It probably won't be an earth shattering experience for you but it  
> is my first one on I-Programmer. It is mostly there so I'll have an  
> in-house article to refer to on how to start using Perl when I write  
> more complex examples.
> Lessons from running Perl Weekly for the first 6 weeks
> This is another article I wrote, this time on my own blog,  
> describing my experience with this list. It might be interesting to  
> you if you'd like to look a bit at the details. I am also comparing  
> the experience with that of Peter Cooper who runs the Ruby Weekly  
> which was the inspiration to this newsletter.
> Parrot
> Parrot is a foundering project on top of a wonderful vision.
> Christoph Otto took off the gloves and started to describe how he  
> wants Parrot, and more importantly the Parrot development process to  
> change. This is a link to the opening message on the parrot-dev  
> mailing list with many important responses.
> Parrot, the Smoke Clears
> Andrew Whitworth (aka Whiteknight on black background) takes the  
> above e-mail discussion and writes a lengthy article about the  
> interaction between the Parrot and the Rakudo (Perl 6) projects.  
> Compared with the JVM and the CLR how they have a primary language  
> but how they have started to be good targets for other languages as  
> well.
> Code
> Parameterized Roles with MooseX::Declare
> Florian Ragwitz (rafl) shows the new, undocumented feature of  
> MooseX::Declare and points to the Github repository where you could  
> help improve the documentation.
> Going Postal (with Dancer)
> Yanick Champoux (yanick), in his usual colorful way, describes how  
> he wrote a plugin for Dancer to handle postal fees in Canada. I am  
> sure if it can be done in Canada it can be done elsewhere as well.  
> The nice thing is that he even provides a way to save money. Even if  
> not on the actual postal fees.
> Simple Mojolicious RSS feed
> Mark Meyer (mark) gives a nice and simple example on how distribute  
> updates about changes in a system with a very simple Mojolicious  
> application. If only the fonts were bigger on this blog...
> How to Run a Long Background Process in a Web App
> Peter Thoeny from Twiki explains a way how to handle long running  
> processes in response to browser requests. This is an ongoing  
> question that trips a lot of people who want to build a web  
> interface to an existing system. Eg. a build machine. Unfortunately  
> this solution does not work on Windows.
> Memory::Usage - Aktuelle Speichernutzung (Current memory usage) in  
> German
> Thomas Fahle gives a code example and explains (in German) how to  
> check what is the memory usage of the current process. So a script  
> or application could report its own memory usage. (This is also  
> Linux/Unix only.)
> Perl 6
> 'nom' branch is now default, release status
> Patrick Michaud (pmichaud) provides us with an update on the status  
> of the Rakudo development. The next release is further delayed but  
> the good news that it will already come from the new 'nom' branch  
> that is the new rewrite of the whole engine.
> -n and -p
> This is the third part of the series Carl Mäsak has written showing  
> us how the -n and -p parameters work in Rakudo Perl 6. The others  
> are on his blog as well.
> Padre
> Fancy syntax checking with Padre
> Ahmad M. Zawawi (azawawi) shows a screenshot of his new addition to  
> Padre, the Perl IDE. You don't even have to wait for the next  
> release of Padre to use that. You can run it directly from the  
> development environment.
> Events
> Portuguese Perl Workshop
> September 22-23, 2011, Lisbon, Portugal
> OSDC.fr - French Open Source Developers' Conference
> September 23-24, 2011, Paris, France
> The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop
> October 8-9, 2011, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
> YAPC::Asia
> October 13-15, 2011, Tokyo, Japan. The biggest Perl conference in  
> the world.
> Black Perl 2011 Workshop
> September 30 - October 2, 2011, Black Sea, Ukraine
> German Perl workshop
> October 19-21, 2011, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
> London Perl Workshop (LPW2011)
> November 12, 2011, London, UK (what a surprise :)
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