[sf-perl] [blog] New blog: How to Run a Long Background Process in CGI Context

Peter Thoeny peter at thoeny.org
Fri Sep 9 16:33:17 PDT 2011

I learned a lot about Ajax and daemons in CGI context when creating a  
new TWiki plugin. I thought it might be useful to share this, so I  
wrote this blog post:


Blog: How to Run a Long Background Process in CGI Context

Summary: Web applications need to respond quickly to user actions.  
 From a usability point of view, anything that takes longer than a  
second or two will distract the user from the task at hand. This blog  
has hands-on Perl and JavaScript code and explains how to span a  
background daemon process from a Perl CGI script and how to check on  
progress using Ajax calls. The example is done with code of TWiki's  
BackupRestorePlugin, however it is generic enough to be used in any  
CGI programming environment.

Looking forward for feedback (via blog comment or e-mail).


PS: Please feel free to spread the word in your coder circles on FB,  
Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, etc.

Possible tweet:

How to Run a Long Background Process in CGI Context: http://bit.ly/mSOPvV 
  - has hands on coding examples. #perl #cgi #ajax #daemon #process

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