[sf-perl] installer consultant needed for short gig

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Fri Mar 18 19:07:45 PDT 2011

I've developed a Ruby plugin for SketchUp and need one-
click installers for both Mac OS X and M$ Windows.  The
client wants "easy to use" and "pretty"; I want "robust"
and "easy to extend and maintain".

If you have strong expertise in developing Mac OS X or
M$ Windows installers, and you're interested in a short
consulting gig, please contact me off-list.



The task is to develop the installer (described below)
and show me the details.  The specification is really
very simple.  Roughly:


  *  The user's machine has an installed, functioning
     copy of Google SketchUp 7 or greater.

  *  The user has downloaded the appropriate archive.


  *  The user runs (eg, double-clicks) the installer.

  *  The installer performs the following actions:

     - If the user's home directory has a "Foo" sub-
       directory, display a nastygram and exit.

     - If SketchUp's "plugins" directory contains a
       "Bar.pl" file, display a nastygram and exit.

     - Unpack a zip archive (Foo.zip) into the user's
       home directory, yielding a Foo sub-directory.

     - Copy a file from the "Foo" sub-directory tree
       to SketchUp's "plugins" directory.

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