[sf-perl] question about SVN::Client

Matthew Lanier matt at lanier.org
Fri Jun 24 12:46:42 PDT 2011

hi richard-


$ctx->cat(\*FILEHANDLE, $target, $revision, $pool);

off the top of my head, i'd consider tie'ing FILEHANDLE to a scalar.

in other news, anyone else want to maintain this module?  i'm not an SVN 
user anymore ;-)


On Fri, 24 Jun 2011, Richard Yen wrote:

> Hello!
> Just looking for a little help on the SVN::Client module: http://search.cpan.org/~mlanier/Alien-SVN-
> The example in the synopsis shows $ctx->cat() with a filehandle reference to STDOUT.  However, I'm looking to write a script that will just store the contents of the file in a scalar (eventually going to be an array).  Any way to do this?
> Tried $ctx->cat (my $scalar, 'http://svn/path/to/file', 'HEAD'), but that doesn't seem to do the trick.
> I'd prefer not messing with the filesystem (i.e., writing files to disk, then having to clean up later).  Basically, the file in the svn repository is a config file, so it really has no purpose on disk.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks!
> --Richard
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