[sf-perl] question about SVN::Client

Richard Yen richyen at iparadigms.com
Fri Jun 24 12:26:37 PDT 2011


Just looking for a little help on the SVN::Client module: http://search.cpan.org/~mlanier/Alien-SVN-

The example in the synopsis shows $ctx->cat() with a filehandle reference to STDOUT.  However, I'm looking to write a script that will just store the contents of the file in a scalar (eventually going to be an array).  Any way to do this?

Tried $ctx->cat (my $scalar, 'http://svn/path/to/file', 'HEAD'), but that doesn't seem to do the trick.

I'd prefer not messing with the filesystem (i.e., writing files to disk, then having to clean up later).  Basically, the file in the svn repository is a config file, so it really has no purpose on disk.

Any thoughts?


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