[sf-perl] Night Owls

Joseph Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Wed Jul 27 17:14:00 PDT 2011

The Night Owls meeting was interesting last night... it didn't strike
me as being as much fun as the last few times I attended (but then,
since I'm commuting these days, this time I arrived on time and left
around 10:30pm, whereas in the past I think I tended to show up around
then... it could be the Night Owls take awhile to warm-up).  The vibe
reminded me of perl and linux meetings back in the early days of the
goldrush.  There often seems to be a bunch of vc types flocking with
the Night Owls, and people with biz ideas hobnobbing with the vcs, and
so on.

Most interesting I would say was the guy who wanted to talk to me
about his ideas for CouchDb and node.js.  I tried to explain that
while I'd heard about the things he was talking about, I personally
hadn't used them for anything and really couldn't comment.  He shifted
gears and started lecturing me on how I *would* be using them in the

Quite a contrast with the scene at Noisebridge last week, which is
frequented by underground hacker types who don't seem much concerned
with making a gazillion dollars with their ideas.

Anyway, sorry about copping out on our regular meeting just because of
a little OSCON competition.

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