[sf-perl] lack of perl in config management - problem?

Philip J. Hollenback philiph at pobox.com
Sat Dec 10 15:05:44 PST 2011

Something I'm thinking about - a lot of sysadmins these days are
becoming programmers via their need to use config management.  The two
big config management tools are Chef and Puppet.  Both are ruby-based.

So you have lots of people coming to scripting for the first time, and
they are using ruby.  Is that a problem?  Does this mean that a
generation of sysadmins is coming of age _not_ using perl?

I don't have any firm data on this, but it's my sense that a lack of
config management tools based in perl is actively hurting the perl

Oh and yes, I'm aware of Slaughter, but I don't think it is enough of a
major player to count.  Also, it's not very actively maintained.

Anyway, what do people think about this issue?  Has anyone analyzed it?

Final question: perl is such a wonderful glue language - why isn't there
a major config management tool based in perl?

I'm hoping I'm wrong about all of this of course.

Philip J. Hollenback
philiph at pobox.com

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