[sf-perl] Silicon Valley Code Camp (and Perl)

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Tue Oct 5 15:54:56 PDT 2010

Rich Morin <rdm at cfcl.com> wrote:

> I just spent some time going through the schedule for the
>   Silicon Valley Code Camp
>   http://siliconvalley-codecamp.com/Sessions.aspx
> I found a number of sessions that look interesting, so I
> expect to be there most of both days.
> I also noticed, however, that Perl was entirely missing
> from sight.

Yes, there's a school of thought that if you want to help promote
perl you should be doing perl talks for a general programming
audience, rather than just talking to other perl programmers the way
we usually do.

For example, in the talk that's coming up this month, Quinn will be
telling us about some cool stuff he's done with perl and postgresql,
which he'll also be presenting to the postgresql gang that's in town
early next month:


> It's too late for this year, but maybe we should try to find a
> speaker or two for next year (eg, "Perl - it's not dead yet" :-).

Tim Bunce does a good job on that one:

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