[sf-perl] Perlcritic startup.

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Wed May 5 22:55:51 PDT 2010

Jeffrey Thalhammer <jeff at imaginative-software.com> wrote:

> I'd be delighted to give another presentation on Perl-Critic.
> There are several possible topics:
> * What it is Perl-Critic & how to use perlcritic(1)
> * Examination of specific policies.
> * How to write custom policies.
> * Strategies for policy selection.
> * How to integrate Perl-Critic with the development cycle.
> * How bring Perl-Critic into your team without annoying everyone else.

I'm most interested in "How to write custom policies", but why don't we
watch where discussion on the list goes in the next day, maybe a theme
will emerge.

> Fred, Joe: What does the SFPM schedule look like for the next few
> months?

David Vetter is speaking this month on may 25th,
I think June 22 and July 27 are open.

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