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Jeffrey Thalhammer jeff at imaginative-software.com
Wed May 5 21:57:37 PDT 2010

On May 5, 2010, at 9:14 PM, Joe Brenner wrote:

> Rich Morin <rdm at cfcl.com> wrote:
>> Maybe it's time for a(nother?) Perl::Critic presentation.  Can
>> Jeffrey Thalhammer can be convinced to give us an overview and
>> update?
> Well, that sounds good to me, but then we just had a presentation from
> Jeffrey, and I wouldn't want to over-work him... also I think Jeffrey
> has handed off maintainership to Elliot Shank (who is in the Chicago area),
> and I don't know if he's still doing perlcritic advocacy...
> Anyway, Jeffrey?

Perl-Critic is still my pride and joy.  But new development has slowed in the last 
year, and Elliot and Tom Wyant now handle most of the day-to-day maintenance.

I'd be delighted to give another presentation on Perl-Critic.   There are several
possible topics:

* What it is Perl-Critic & how to use perlcritic(1)
* Examination of specific policies.
* How to write custom policies.
* Strategies for policy selection.
* How to integrate Perl-Critic with the development cycle.
* How bring Perl-Critic into your team without annoying everyone else.

I can cover any or all of this (in varying levels of detail).  What would you all
like to hear most?

Fred, Joe: What does the SFPM schedule look like for the next few months?

Jeffrey Thalhammer
Imaginative Software Systems
vcard: http://www.imaginative-software.com/contact/jeff.vcf

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