[sf-perl] [ot] pruning rsnapshot backups

David Alban extasia at extasia.org
Thu Mar 25 11:10:25 PDT 2010


i have a nightly rsnapshot job which is running out of disk space.
assume that it's a major pita to get additional disk space and that
i'm stuck with what i now have.

currently i have three hundred and seventy five backup trees,
representing slightly more than a year of daily backups.  say i want
to keep only twenty selected trees from this set.  i'm assuming i can
delete 355 of the trees without compromising the integrity of the
remaining twenty trees, because each backup tree is completely
independent of any other backup tree.[1]

but i wanted to run this by some folks for a sanity check.

do you think i'm safe doing this?  am i missing anything?


[1] i know that when a backup tree is *created* rsnapshot uses the
previous tree to determine whether to reuse an inode or to use a new
one.  but after the backup is created, the new tree is completely
independent of the old tree,
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