[sf-perl] [job] FWD: Perl Developer for Large-scale Systems Dev. - New York, NY - $100K - $200K

frosty biztos at mac.com
Wed Jan 6 11:45:44 PST 2010

Hello all, and greetings from the European campus of SF.pm!

I don't usually forward want ads, but I saw a job listing elsewhere that
looked like exactly the kind of thing I know some of you are really really
good at, and I thought I'd pass it on. It's not in the Bay Area but in this
day and age it's silly to make assumptions about the geography of serious jobs
or serious developers.

I have no connection to the recruiter, his company, or his client. At least I
think I don't; I have no idea who the client is. Please contact him, not me,
if you're interested; all the contact info is listed below.

(aside: hmm, it sounds like Apple, except for the NY part)


-- frosty

** The Job Listing:

Perl Developer for Large-scale Systems Dev. - New York, NY - $100K - $200K

Large world-class software company is looking for expert Perl developers to
come work on infrastructure developed in Perl that is used to manage a very
large-scale C/C++ codebase. This person would be working along side some of
the biggest names in the Perl community building all kinds of Perl
build/release tools and other software development tools from scratch.

Are you a true Perl hacker who has done large-scale Perl development and now
want to take your career to the next level? Come on and check this out!

Qualified candidates should:
- be strong with OO Perl and modern Perl practices.
- have worked on large-scale Perl programs and not just small Perl scripts.
- have a strong UNIX/Linux background & strong OS knowledge/skills in general.
- have some skills in networking & network programming.
- have at least a basic understanding of compiler/linker theory.
- have some exposure to C and C++ programming.

** The Recruiter:

Gil Vander Voort
Core Search Group
email: gil at coresearchinc.com

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