[sf-perl] [meeting] January Meeting, "Writing CPAN Modules"

Fred Moyer fred at redhotpenguin.com
Mon Jan 4 17:14:39 PST 2010

Happy New Year SF.pm!  We going to start off the year right with a
talk from Joe Brenner, our Speakers Co-Chair.


Our January meeting will take place on Tuesday
January 26 at Six Apart World Headquarters.

"Writing CPAN Modules" by Joseph Brenner

A talk in three parts:

(1) how-to for beginners
(2) portability problems
(3) ExtUtils::MakeMaker vs. Module::Build vs. Module::Install

In the first part, we will emphasize how easy it is, in the second part,
we will demonstrate that we were lying in the first part, and in the
third part we will endeavor to provoke a religous war in the audience.

Joe Brenner's CPAN page:

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