[sf-perl] thread resolution, for now (was Re: [list etiquette])

Matthew Lanier matt at lanier.org
Tue Jan 5 10:35:43 PST 2010

(david- thanks for turning the thread toward etiquette, and away from the 
original post at hand.)


i'm the list grandma around here.  for those new here, fred is list mom, 
though i, along with silent co-founder david lowe, maintain oversight and 
list mom support as needed.

the sfpug is a place founded on friendliness within the perl community, 
after i got flamed too many times on comp.lang.perl.misc by tom 
who-shall-not-be-named.  over the years, we've maintained that 
friendliness despite friendly rivalries, competing modules, and sometimes 
diverging notions of how the community should move forward.  but i'm proud 
what we've maintained:  folks like the morins and david fetter, who were 
at the first meeting and came to my frickin' wedding, are still around; 
smurf, still working at mother jones in the time that many of us have had 
several jobs, is still here, as are many old timers; new folks are 
joining.  that is a rousing success!  lets not change that.


when list tenor turns negative (as it has) it's time to step back and 
breathe for a second.  so lets do that.  here's how:

* fred has posted a meetup link to take a vote on on folks' preferences 
regarding reply-to settings.  please vote here:


* the senior staff around here (basically, the folks that show up early to
   help, which are fred, me, joe, julian) will evaluate these results along
   with our experience from other lists, and will come back with a

* that decision will be discussed *first* at a meeting, confined to 15
   minutes of explanation, and the topic will be closed for another 2
   years, or perl 6 comes out, whichever is sooner ;-).  we will then post
   the decision to the list.

* if you are personally injured by this decision (rather than just
   annoyed), we will find a way to make you whole again.

* we will the move on, discussing ways to bless regular expressions and 
how to violate closures, as we are wont to do :-)

thank you randall, david, simon, and all who have expressed opinion on 
this topic.  your opinions (and summaries of past times this has come up) 
are noted and appreciated.

please strongly consider not responding to this message, instead moving on 
to doing what you love, which if you are here, is probably perl.



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