[sf-perl] Perl Standards / Perl Best Practices

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Tue Feb 23 17:58:55 PST 2010

Randy J. Ray writes:
 > Quinn Weaver wrote:
 > > I swear by most of that book, but I swear *at* some of the modules
 > > Damian's written.  Class::Std in particular once really dorked me with
 > > its lack of thread safety.  Then I graduated to Object::InsideOut,
 > > and, finally (?), Moose.
 > I have some Class::Std code that I've been meaning to port to Moose, but have 
 > found the learning curve just steep-enough to discourage me thus far. Any 
 > recommendations?

I find Dave Rolksky's Moose class notes useful (I actually took the
class at YAPC, but I think that you can work through the notes and do
the exercises):


And Shawn Moore's talk from frozen perl is useful too.


although it still refers to MooseX::AttributeHelpers instead of the
newer core version (Moose::Meta::...) of the same functionality.

These may be a bit more of an overview though.  What are you stumbling


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