[sf-perl] What version of perl and what OS do you use? [poll]

Earl Ruby eruby at knowledgematters.net
Wed Feb 3 16:45:26 PST 2010

2010/2/3 Jonathan Swartz <swartz at pobox.com>:
> At my latest job, I've started to treat critical vendor software (Perl,
> Apache, and all CPAN modules) the same way as the web code: it is all under
> version control, and it all gets rsynced out to production during a release.
> Still too early to tell whether this is overkill. But I do feel highly
> organized and it's nice not to have to worry about which modules are
> installed where.

Doesn't sound like overkill to me.

If you find you're outgrowing rsync, you might want to check out Puppet:

Earl Ruby

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