[sf-perl] SF.pm grant proposal review for TPF

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Wed Aug 4 13:21:03 PDT 2010

Josh Berkus <josh at agliodbs.com> wrote:

> One of the things we do which is different with the other SFPUG is that
> we allow some commercial presentations (i.e. dot-coms presenting their
> stuff).  This both fills our calendar and makes them willing to cough up
> for food a couple times a year.  Worth considering.

Hm... it's not like we have a rule against it or anything.  I suppose we
haven't made a lot of effort to sell it as a promotional opportunity.

> Now, if you really wanted to kick off more local Perl activity, I might
> suggest doing some kind of Perl Day ... a day-long miniconf here in SF.
>  That might also be more palatable for TPF to sponsor.

It's a thought, but even with some funding it's bound to be a lot of
work...  unless anyone else wants to step up, I think with present
leadership we're probably a year or so away from even thinking about

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