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On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 10:33:41PM -0400, David H. Adler wrote:

I made a mistake on the original posting. The address to send to is
whitecamel-suggestions at perl.org, not pm.org. Sorry about that. If you
could update your followers, that would be great. corrected text below.

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> Every year the White Camels are presented for service to the Perl
> community.
> If you look at the previous winners, you'll notice that these are mostly
> unsung heroes, like previous awardee Eric Cholet, the human moderator of
> so many Perl mailing lists, or Jay Hannah, one of the people running
> pm.org (if you ever created/maintained a pm group, chances are that Jay
> walked you through the process).
> Some of these people may be well known, like Allison Randal or Randal
> Schwartz, while others may be complete strangers to at least part of the
> globe, like Josh McAdams or Jay. Some of them may be extreme Perl
> hackers who created the original JAPH, but they actually received this
> award as a recognition for their community contributions to Perl rather
> than for their programming ability.
> That's not to say a great hacker can't receive the award, but you don't
> have to be one in order to be eligible.
> That being said, the nomination process for the 2009 White Camels is now
> open.
> If you think there's someone who deserves a White Camel, this is the
> time for you to send in your nominations. Send them to
> whitecamel-suggestions at perl.org, if possible with a subject along the
> lines of "White Camel Nomination :: $name". Make sure you properly
> identify the nominee and tell us why you think that's a worthy
> nomination.
> Don't go thinking "nah, somebody else will do it" because: a) everybody
> else may be thinking the same, and b) you may state your case
> differently than the next person.
> We'll be receiving nominations until June 21, 2009, by midnight, but
> don't wait up or you'll forget. Do it now!
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