[sf-perl] [Fwd: class DBI postgres date time format]

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Thu Mar 19 11:27:51 PDT 2009

Fred Moyer <fred at redhotpenguin.com> wrote:

> Granted, this approach involves no Perl, but TMTOWTDI, and row
> modification creation and timestamping seems like something that
> should be done in the database (although I need a trigger for each
> table I track the cts and mts.

I do it almost exactly the same way (though I'm inclined to call the
columns "ctime" and "mtime").

And pl/pgsql seems like a better choice than pl/perl for something as
simple as this... though I don't know, maybe pl/perl is almost as
ubiquitous anyway.

You do need to do a


before you can use pl/pgsql.

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