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FYI for those of you going to YAPC.

The talk for this month will probably be about 30 minutes instead of
the usual 45 (that's what Jeff has communicated to me).

After the talk and questions are finished, there will be a short
planning session for our OSCON booth.  If you are interested in
volunteering there for a few days, please plan to stick around.

Joe Brenner has done a great job of spearheading the OSCON booth
effort.  The cost for internet at OSCON is expensive, so unless we
have a benefactor willing to help us out there, we'll be making due
with stone knives and bearskins (laptops with extra batteries).  I
might bring CPAN on a usb drive or something fun.

This booth is a great opportunity to check out OSCON from the booth
side if you have never been there, please consider volunteering.
We'll have some sort of social, perhaps with one of the other groups,
on one of the nights.

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Subject: [yapc] Deadline for CMU dorms is Friday June 12 5:00PM U.S. Eastern

If you want a dorm room at CMU for YAPC|10 the deadline is Friday, June
12, 5:00PM U.S. Eastern time.

There are still rooms available.

On-campus dormitories
85 double-sized rooms, single occupancy. ($63.00/night)
20 double-sized rooms, double occupancy. ($36.00/night per person)
55 single-sized rooms, single occupancy. ($51.00/night)

Linen service and housekeeping included with all rooms.

Parking is available for about $12 per day.

Are you ready for YAPC|10.

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yapc at pm.org

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