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Save 40% on The Lean Startup: A Master Class with Eric Ries 
June 18th in San Francisco

Today's economy provides outstanding opportunities, but you must be
focused--and lean--to capture them. Drawing on Eric Ries's experiences
with successful Silicon Valley startups, you'll take away the knowledge
that you need to create your own successful lean startup:

*Identify a profitable business model that will outperform your
competitors, both in speed to market and price
* Learn ways to discover what customers want to buy before building or
investing in new features
*Ship new software quickly, while improving quality and lowering costs
*Build a company-wide culture of decision-making based on facts, not
*Get Eric Ries's input and direct instruction on your startup ideas and

Instructor Eric Ries 
Named one of the Best Young Entrepreneurs of Tech by BusinessWeek in
2007, Eric Ries was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of IMVU, his
third startup. The author of the blog "Lessons Learned," Eric serves on
the advisory board of a number of technology startups, including pbWiki,
Smule, 750i, and KaChing.

Use code TLSUUG to save 40%.
Register at http://post.oreilly.com/rd/9z1ztheb86thd6rk5ju6e844q2eg668mf3tb5fk9j38

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